Free Stuff

Free Crap Techniques

You love free crap. We know you do.

Part 1 : Finding Free Crap
-There are thousands of other free crap websites (none as simple as though). Use Google and find them.
-Do not treat all free crap equally. Some (many) sites are there just to get your information.
-Items that seem too good to be true (well are they not all?) usually are, and will not arrive.
-Free crap that in no way promotes any business or website will probably not arrive.
-The more recent the free crap has been posted, the better chance it will arrive.
-Use a free crap search to find more Its to your right ——–>

Part 2 : Protecting Yourself
-Do not use a real phone number unless you want to be contacted by the company (use 555 as the first or second three digets).
-Do not use your regular email address, get a new free email address ( It will fill with spam
-If a freebie asks for company name, either make one up or use ‘N/A’ or some form of “Not Applicable”.
-The more realistic you make your information the better chance of the item arriving.

Part 3 : The Community
-Search out freebies that haven’t been posted and submit them in the comments, or email totallyfreecrap[at]
-Comment on free crap in order to help others, let people know if it arrived, or didn’t work, or tastes bad.
-Visit to find ways to make freebie finding a family event.
-Send us ideas to make your free crap easier and free’er.